Sunday, February 19, 2017

Presidents' Day - Washington versus the undead

The Second Coming of the British Undead
November 19, 1787

In "The General Magazine and Historical Chronical", later combined with other entries into the Secret Supernatural History of the America, Benjamin Franklin wrote:

"...George Washington was the only one equipped, with the Axe of Delivery to fight the
British and Hessian undead brought back to life on the battlefield cemetery of Concord by the All Seeing Eye of the Egyptian God SET, an artifact designed by Anubis but made to create chaos in the world of the living. The undead rose in protest by the lords of olde to the basic principles of the United States government as described in the newly written United States Constitution."

Note: the meaning of the All Seeing Eye was subverted and later used on crests and most notably on the back of the one dollar bill to symbolize divine providence.

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